Surprisingly, there is no great secret to achieving this goal. Think about the enviable energy levels of children, then consider the source – it’s not just youth. It may seem strange, but three things your mom told you when you were a kid still apply: Eat your veggies. Go out and play. Don’t stay up too late.

That’s right, diet, exercise and sleep make up the daily three that will give you more energy. Eating a healthy diet low in fat and high in fiber can help fuel your body with the energy you need to make it through busy days. Remember, proper balance is key when it comes to nutrition. Simply missing some Vitamins, such as B Vitamins, can cause fatigue, irritability and poor concentration.

Taking time out for yourself to get at least 30 minutes of exercise will improve your circulation, increase energy and improve your mood. And finally, be sure you are getting enough sleep because diet and exercise alone won’t help you to maintain your energy if your body is sleep deprived.

So next time your energy level is dipping, don’t reach for the sweets, instead grab a handful of nuts or some whole grains. Or get up and get moving. These tips are a way to boost energy during the day.